William, six years old, Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Who is in your family?

William, a six-year-old boy in Charlotte, North Carolina, likes having a twin brother. His twin makes forts and sometimes won’t let William play in them, so William breaks them. Otherwise, William and his twin get along.

William and his twin have two older siblings, a sister and a brother. Their brother is the funniest person in the family, according to William. “He says potty words,” William explains.

William’s parents like snuggling with him at nighttime, and his mom lets him play “doggies” with her, where William pretends to be a dog. The best dog name his mom ever gave him was Sniffer.

The Whitewater Center in Charlotte is William’s favorite place to go with his family. “I go on the zip line and high ropes course, and I can do the small rock-climbing wall,” he says.

William plans to have 800 children someday: three girls and 4,000 boys. As for pets, William says, “I would have like twenty-six dogs, five parrots, ten hundred guinea pigs, 3,000 fish, and one cat.”

The family will live in a hotel in New York, a city William has not yet visited. Asked why he chose New York, William explains, “There’s gonna be lots of snow.”

Insights from the Urban Playground

City life is a thrill for families because there’s always a place like Whitewater Center nearby—a wonderland where kids, or even dogs named Sniffer who used to be kids—can use up their energy outside. While indoor forts have their appeal, William and Chris’s fights show that sometimes, kids need to get outside.

If you want 800 kids, or even eight, cities can be a bummer unless you have lots of money. William’s New York hotel comes with a shocking price tag, no question. And no matter how much money you have, most cities can’t comfortably fit large families.


1. Do you want a family of your own someday?

2. If you had a family of your own, how many of you would there be?

3. Would you have pets in your family?

4. Where would you and your family live?

5. Would your family have any twins in it?

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