Molly, five years old, Phoenix

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

What are your talents?

Molly, a five-year-old girl in Phoenix, says, “I’m really good at cartwheels and handstands because I’ve practiced a lot. Almost everyone my age is struggling with cartwheels.”

When asked about her friends’ talents, Molly says about her younger sister, “She’s good at eating raisins.” She adds, “Daddy’s good at working at his computer. Mom’s really good at cooking.”

Of her classmates, Molly observes, “Olivia has red hair, and she’s talented at cartwheels. May is good at everything: ice skating, cartwheels, and reading.” Molly witnessed May’s reading and cartwheels firsthand, but hasn’t seen her ice skate. “I can just tell she’s good at it,” Molly explains.

Molly wishes she could read and ice skate. “I’ve tried to read,” Molly says, “But I really, really want to go ice skating. I’ve never tried ice skating. I feel like it’s gonna be really hard.”

Molly just started at a new school this year. “I tried making friends with someone,” she said, “and I’m not really good at it.”

If Molly could win a medal for anything, what would it be? “Maybe tennis,” she says. “I’m going to take lessons at the club, and I’ll be the best at it in the family.”

Insights from the Urban Playground

You can develop talents through practice or be lucky enough to be born with them. Everyone has at least one skill that makes them special.

One thrill of city living is finding a place to work on your talent. Even hot, sunny Phoenix has ice skating rinks for Molly to start learning. If skating turns out to be super hard, she’ll just keep practicing until she gets it right.

If you’re looking for your talent in a city, you will find it. There is so much to explore in cities, and you might even come up with a new talent!


1. What are you really good at?

2. How do you know you're good at those things?

3. What are your friends good at?

4. What do you wish you could be better at doing?

5. Do you think there are people who are good at everything?

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