Max, eight years old, San Francisco

Who is in your family?

Max, an eight-year-old boy in San Francisco, says his older sister is the funniest person in his family. He says, “She said this joke, and it was like, ‘How much dollars does it cost for a pirate to get his ears pierced?’ And the answer was: ‘A buccaneer.’”

Asked where he wants to live when he grows up, Max says, “I think I might want to buy a house in the Inner Richmond”—the neighborhood where he lives now—“because I want to live near my parents and visit them a lot.”

Max will have pets when he is an adult. “I’m gonna buy this kind of frog, it’s called a redwood frog, or a wood frog. And, basically, I want to have it because I can take it to Lake Tahoe and places like that because whenever it gets frozen, it has this chemical on its skin that defrosts it.” Max will name his wood frog Duke.

Max will also have an iguana named Patrick, a parrot named Gobble, a puppy named Fred, and a kitten he will probably name Sophia. He’ll have two kids, Kevin and Emma. Both will be happy, and good at math and sports.

Insights from the Urban Playground

Cities are great places to learn jokes; there are people everywhere to tell you a funny one about buccaneers, or even about something else, like why the chicken crossed the road. Families can buy joke books at any bookstore in a city.

Your family can also find books about rare pets, like wood frogs, and find out how different animals keep themselves warm in cold climates.

Cities have many parks, where kids can look for unusual animals. You can even find an iguana! If you’re in a cold city, you might even see a wood frog thawing itself.


1. Does anyone in your family tell funny jokes?

2. When you grow up, do you want to live near the family you’re in now?

3. Would you want a wood frog for a pet?

4. Would you ever name an iguana Patrick?

5. Is anyone in your family good at both math and sports?

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