Gia, six years old, Oakland

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

What is your school like?

Gia, a six-year-old girl in Oakland, says her favorite class in school is “the one I’m in.”

Gia walks with her mom or dad to her school. They go up some stairs, up a little hill, then up a big hill and around a curve.

Gia plays mostly with four friends at school. “I bet they’re all my BFFs,” she says.

When asked what she wears to school, Gia answers, “I just wear my clothes; you can do any clothes. But on one day, you can wear costumes, like on Halloween.”

One year, Gia went as Shine, and her friend was Shimmer. Next, she wants to be Hermione from Harry Potter.

Sometimes Gia stays after school for Adventure Time. There, Gia plays UNCOLA, a game where everyone gets a bucket, and you take turns picking up beads for your buckets.

What does Gia eat at school? “I sometimes eat carrots, mostly all the time bars, and sometimes grapes. Though I have a fig tree right there,” she says, pointing to a tree in her backyard. “I don’t really like figs,” she added, “but if I did, then my parents would give me probably a fig.”

Insights from the Urban Playground

Going to school in the city is fun because you can get there all kinds of ways: If you live close, you can walk with an adult. Or you could go with them by bus or train, or they could even drive.

In a city, you might live near your BFFs, or you could live far from them. There are so many ways to get around in a city, you can go to school close to your house, or you can be from far away and still get to your BFFs easily. It’s a thrill to be able to see your friends without depending on a car.


1. What is your favorite class in school?

2. Do you like your teacher?

3. Who do you play with at school?

4. Do you think the kids in your class are nice or mean to each other?

5. How do you get to school?

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