Ansel, eight years old, Berkeley

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Who is in your family?

Ansel, an eight-year-old boy in Berkeley, is one of four kids. He lives with his two moms

and his younger brother. Ansel’s nine-year-old sister also lives in Berkeley. Another

brother whom Ansel says might also be nine lives in San Francisco. Ansel and his

younger brother have the same two moms; his sister and older brother have different

moms than Ansel and his younger brother, and different moms from each other. All four kids have the same donor.

Ansel’s moms are Mom and Suz. Mom lets Ansel watch TV shows and makes him

breakfast. Suz often throws baseballs around with Ansel. Suz also makes dinner, like

pizza on a barbecue and Cacio e Pepe. Mom and Suz take the family to the Discovery

Museum in Sausalito.

Who is the funniest person in his family? Ansel says, “My younger brother, by far.”

Ansel thinks it’s funny when his younger brother says, “Be quiet, Mama.”

Ansel’s parents like that he’s pretty honest. They also appreciate how sometimes he is

good to his younger brother. “I don’t really like to read to him,” Ansel says, “but I do it to

be nice.”

Asked whether he wishes one of his friends could be in his family, Ansel answers,

“No—I like my family how it is.”

Insights from the Urban Playground

Cities are fun with family: museums, bookstores, and many parks for throwing the ball


Ansel can always find a new book to read to his younger brother: Cities are full of

libraries and bookstores. Suz can pick up pasta, butter, and pepper for her Cacio e

Pepe, and flour for her pizza dough. It’s easy to find the things you need in cities.

City families can be small or big. Siblings don’t always live together. They might have

different parents but the same donor, like Ansel, his sister, and his older brother. With

donors, families can get big, with family members spread out across and outside of the



1. Do you have siblings living outside your home? If so, do you get to visit them often? If

you don’t have siblings living outside your home, do you wish you did?

2. What is your favorite museum to visit with your family:

3. What do the people in your family like about you?

4. Does anyone in your family cook on a barbecue?

5. Is there anything you don’t like doing, but you do it for someone in your family to be


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