Anna, nine years old, Denver

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Who is in your family?

Anna, a nine-year-old girl in Denver, appreciates her six-year-old sister. “I like that I have someone to play with when I’m lonely,” she says.

Anna thinks her sister is the funniest person in their family, since she makes up stories that make everybody laugh.

Sometimes Anna and her sister don’t get along. Anna says, “When she is poking me, and I ask her to stop and she doesn’t stop, I might throw something hard at her. Then I usually have to go to my room and stay there for twenty minutes.”

Anna is thankful for her parents. “When my sister is being annoying and I don’t get mad at her, they get her in trouble. And they get me what I want for Christmas.”

Her mommy and mama are nice to her in different ways. “Mommy is kind and understands when I get mad at my sister. Mama is really fun; she lets us do crazy things in the backyard.”

Asked what her parents like best about her, Anna answers, “I’m really strong, and I persevere most of the time. If somebody tried to bully me, I would stand up to that person.” She adds, “That happened a couple of times.”

Insights from the Urban Playground

It’s so much fun growing up with siblings in a city! Despite the occasional poking and throwing that comes with sibling life, there’s a lot of fun involved.

Anna’s sister can tell Anna stories about people they see in the city. People-watching is one of the thrills of city life, since people are always coming, going, and buzzing about. Anna’s sister can make up funny stories about the people on the bus, in the grocery store, and out on the sidewalk. She can even tell the stories to the people in them, since she’ll probably be sitting or walking next to them.


1. If you are an only child, what do you like about being an only child? If you have siblings, what do you like about them?

2. Who is the funniest person in your family?

3. Who in your family does nice things for you?

4. What is your family like?

5. What do you wish your family knew about you?

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