Urban Playground:

What Kids Say About

Living in San Francisco 

by Katie Burke

Insights from the Urban Playground.

Children want to be seen and heard. When we listen, kids in urban centers tell us a lot, like what is fun, boring, meaningful, and scary about the cities they live in. Jump into the Urban Playground to find out what kids think about their cities.

Another reason Liam’s dad is his hero? He is funny, Liam says. Asked whether his dad tells jokes, Liam replies, “Well, dad jokes.” 

“I usually eat my family’s two food countries,” Khylee adds. Her family is Spanish and Chinese. She says that for the Spanish side, she eats mashed potatoes, and for the Chinese side, she eats rice with soy sauce and soup.

Sushi and tacos are tied for first place as Sammy's favorite food. "The tacos I like my dad makes," she says. "In our house, we call them My Dad's Famous Tacos." Sammy likes hers with turkey, black beans, corn, cheese, avocado, and salsa."

Travis, who is hearing impaired and lives with his mom, dad, and deaf older brother, likes adventure. “I think you get a good sum of money from being a cop,” he says, “and you still get a lot of action while you’re getting money, too."